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Meet Our Team

Dr. John W. Baillie

Veterinarian - Medical Director, Team member since 1973
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, 1972

Dr. Baillie, he says, is "still in his first job", Cedar Pet Clinic; he is the co-founder of Cedar Pet Clinic in south Minneapolis, and the founder of Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo. Dr. Baillie has been the president of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, and in 2015 was named the state Veterinarian of the Year. He is active in many professional organizations, and a supporter and mentor to young professionals. Dr. Baillie is a regular lecturer at the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, for the Minnesota Medical Association, and other organizations. He provides free care for nursing home companion animals and is the kennel veterinarian for the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. The Baillie family owns a cat named "Wheezy", a rescue who started life with respiratory problems, and now lives with the Baillie family.

Dr. Kirstin Keller

Veterinarian - Team Member since 2006
Ross School of Veterinary Medicine, North Brunswick, NJ, 2014

Dr. Keller was first associated with Cedar Pet Clinic in 2005 as a veterinary assistant. Knowing that she wanted to further her career in veterinary medicine, she attended veterinary school and is a 2014 graduate. Dr. Keller loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has a special passion for senior wellness and pain management--incorporating rehabilitation and acupuncture into comprehensive senior care. When she is not working in the veterinary capacity, she enjoys baking, crocheting, and relaxing with her “fur family”--two rescued Coconut Retrievers, “Bruce” and “Clark”, and cat, “Spud”.

Dr. Samantha Lucchesi

Veterinarian - Team Member since 2019
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, 2018

Dr. Lucchesi joined the Cedar Pet Clinic team in 2019. She has a background in equine medicine and is interested in geriatric care and surgery. Dr. Lucchesi loves to make connections with our clients and the wide variety of species she is able to care for on a daily basis. Her beloved pets include two black cats, "Rocco" & "Gouda", a corn snake called "Groot", a ball python named "Moscato", and a horse who goes by "Gus". Outside of work, she enjoys horseback riding, being outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. Jordan Potthoff

Veterinarian – Team Member since 2022
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, 2022

Dr. Jordan Potthoff joined Cedar Pet Clinic as a new graduate from the University of Minnesota in 2022. She has a particular interest in companion behavior and exotic medicine, with a professional goal of providing quality compassionate care to patients of all species. Outside of work, Dr. Potthoff enjoys sewing and board games, supervised by her rescue cats “Taxi” and “Maximus.”


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 1986

Sue has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 1987. Her favorite parts of the job are parasitology and providing nursing care. She has two cats, TJ and Archie!


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2007

Jayde's Pets include:
Clumber Spaniels "Alpine" and "Forest". Cats "Petunia", and "Ooey".


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2012

Kathleen has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 2012. Her favorite part of vet med is anesthesia, behavior, and low stress handling. She is currently pursuing speciality certification in Anesthesia and Analgesia, and her pets include Asiago (Doberman Mix), Ricotta (Pitbull), Muenster (cat), Henry (cat), Parmesan (Green Cheeked Conure) and Steve (Cockatiel.)


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2011

Kristen has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 2011. She enjoys working with the variety of animal species we see; her favorite parts of veterinary medicine are anesthesia and surgery, as well as getting to see all the adorable animal faces coming in! Kristen’s pets include chihuahua Luna and cats Gracie, Boots and Thelo.


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2021

Michele joined the team in 2021, bringing a passion for client education and teaching veterinary technician students! She has quite a few pets including Miss Tilly (Quarter Horse), Sahara (National Sport Horse), Rosie (Beagle mix), Sally (Golden Retriever), Tom Sawyer (cat), Emmaline (cat), Gretel (cat), Mathilda (cat), Gilda (Veiled Chameleon), and Sylvester, Flora, Blue, Jenny, Pearl, Edith, Margie, Karen, Millie, Wanda, and more (Sussex, Orpington, Americauna, and Barnevelder chickens).


Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2022

Rachel has a box turtle named Mandy and a kitten named Tucker. She joined Cedar Pet Clinic in 2022 and enjoys working with a team of medical professional that truly puts patients first.


Certified Veterinary Technician
Team member since 2019

Avery has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 2019. Her pets include Willow (cat), Bailey (Shih Tzu dog), and Stevie (German Shorthair Pointer dog.)


Practice Manager
Team member since 2016

Maggie started at Cedar Pet Clinic when she was in high school. She came back full time in 2016 and has been the practice manager since 2020. Her pets include cats Milo, Macaroni and Yukon as well as Nessie, a mixed breed rescue.


Client Care Team
Team member since 2014

Linda has been a client since 1994 with her Great Dane/Lab mix Abigail Victoria. During one of her visits in 2001, she was asked to submit a resume and offered a job! Her current pet is Torrey, a tabby lynx point cat.


Client Care Team
Team member since 2022

Allexis is a veterinary technician student and has a cockapoo named Amber. She joined the team in 2022.


Client Care Team
Team member since 2022

Meghan joined the team in 2022 and loves working at Cedar Pet Clinic for many reasons! She enjoys the knowledgeable and caring staff, everyday interactions with pets and their families, and opportunities for lifelong learning.


Support Staff Supervisor
Team member since 2020

Paige has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 2020. She enjoys working with a variety of exotic pets, learning about their unique qualities and care needs. Paige has a focus on client education and loves to share her knowledge with pet families. Her pets include Mia (Great Pyrenees mix), Panther (cat), Ivy, Orchid, Ivan, Chester (Guinea pigs), Chewie (bearded dragon), and Kirby (leopard gecko.)


Technician Assistant
Team member since 2019

Rachel has been with Cedar Pet Clinic since 2019. She is a veterinary student and has a cat named Artemis.


Animal Care Team
Team member since 2021

Joelle joined the Cedar Pet Clinic team in 2021. She is a prevet student who loves learning about exotic pet care. Her pets include Neeka and Remington (black Labrador retrievers), Sir Asparagus (betta fish), Turbo and Albert (snails.)