Prescription Safety: What You Need to Protect Your Pet

What’s our prescription for your pet’s health? Staying up-to-date and aware of your pet’s health needs. We know your pet’s health is your number-one priority, but sometimes pet parents can be become busy or misread a symptom and make a decision that isn’t safe for their pets. When it comes to pet prescriptions there are some common mistakes we see pet parents make when faced with a sick companion animal.

The 3 Most Common Pet Medication Mistakes

When your pet feels under the weather, you probably jump into action, but are you effectively treating your pet? Here are the most common missteps pet parents make which can result in greater risk for their pets.

1. Self-diagnosing a pet using the internet

While resources like WebMD for Pets or PetMD are often veterinary-approved and written  resources, it's important to not jump to conclusions. Only a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine can truly diagnose your individual pet. These resources are a good place to start, and then continue with the conversation with a veterinarian who knows your pet's medical background.

2. Treating a pet without consulting a vet

There are some great over-the-counter and holistic treatments for some pet ailments. But using these without consulting a veterinarian can be dangerous or life-threatening. Often OTC medicines have lower doses of the active ingredients found in prescription medicines, making them less effective in smaller doses, but dangerous when a pet receives multiple doses or is exposed to the active ingredients long-term.
If you have questions about OTC treatments or a holistic method, please make an appointment to discuss it with us, first. We’re happy to advise you on what’s best for your pet’s unique health needs.

3. Using expired medicines, an expired prescription, or a prescription written for another pet

  • Expired medicines are dangerous because their ingredients degrade over time. 
  • Expired prescriptions can be less effective or dangerous for pets because as your pet ages, she may gain weight or her health status may change. Each prescription we write takes into account your pet’s most current health needs.
  • Using a prescription not prescribed for your pet is extremely dangerous. When deciding the best treatment for your pet we take into account your pet’s age, weight, breed, individual health history, and specific health needs. Using a prescription not tailored to a pet can result in severe health complications and even death.

Why You Should Always Fill Your Pet’s Rx from Veterinarian or Veterinarian Approved Online Store

We understand that when your pet is sick, you want them to feel better as quickly as possible, but it’s never worth the risk to use a medicine not prescribed for your pet or buy prescription medicines from a pharmacy or website that isn’t certified. 
Consulting with us takes the guesswork out of treating your pet and will give you peace of mind. We stay up-to-date with the latest studies in pet health, and we have decades of experience so we can tailor your pet’s treatment to his or her needs.

Other Considerations When It Comes to Your Pet’s Medicine
Veterinarians and veterinary approved pharmacies take precautions to store and ship prescription medicines in safe conditions. Maintaining shelf-stable conditions includes ensuring the medicine is kept at the proper temperature and verifying that packaging remains intact so medicine isn’t exposed to the elements and doesn’t break down or spoil.
As your veterinarian, we know your pet's medical history, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s prescription.

We Care About Your Pet’s Health
We want your pet to live a long, happy, healthy life. From anxiety medications, to flea and tick prevention, we can find the best methods to treat your pet.
Let’s work together to keep your cat purring, your dog’s tail wagging, and your rabbit snuggle-ready. No symptom is too small to ask about - we can answer your questions about OTC and prescription medicines and help you keep your pet comfortable for years to come. 
If it’s time for a prescription refill or your pet’s annual exam, give us a call at 651.770.3250 or make an appointment using our pet portal
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