Dangers of Using Online Pharmacies for Your Pet’s Prescriptions

Dangers of Using Online Pharmacies for Your Pet’s Prescriptions:

Today almost everything is on the internet. Instead of having to leave the comfort of your home, modern technology has made it possible to find or purchase whatever you need at the tap of your finger. Although there are a lot of benefits to this new digital world, there are some things that should be avoided -- one of the most important being pet prescriptions.

Difficulty Trusting Supplier Credibility:

For most things, the internet is the go-to place to find the best deals. In the cases of your pet’s health, opting for the cheapest price is not the way to go. Making sure your pet receives proper and accurate care is one of the primary concerns for pet parents. Online pharmaceutical suppliers of pet medicine have drawn in pet owners with their appealing prices and deals on necessary pet care veterinarians offer. While it may be tempting to save a few bucks on big budget hitters like health care, it is very difficult to determine how reputable these suppliers are, much less the drugs they carry.

Dangers of Using Online Pharmacies

Understanding the seriousness of the problem and wanting to prevent further malpractice, the FDA has tackled these shady online pharmacies and reinforced their campaign to make animal parents more aware of how to properly buy veterinary medicine. The organization takes quality assurance issues with online veterinary products very seriously because of the influx of counterfeit, expired, improperly stored, or mislabeled drugs being sold. If an online pharmacy doesn’t require a veterinarian’s prescription, or doesn’t appear to have proper accreditation, chances are it’s not safe.

Insufficient Diagnoses:

Another main concern when it comes to online suppliers, is the accuracy of determining the health concern being treated. Diagnosing your pet and prescribing the best medical treatment for your animal is very difficult without an in-person consultation. Relying on online suppliers, can result in insufficient diagnoses which might even lead to you spending more money on a false health concern.

Further concerns about this issue come from the FDA. Their consumer update specifically advises pet parents make these health-relating decisions with a proper veterinarian-client-patient relationship. In addition to this being the best way to provide an exact diagnosis and being able to prescribe the right medicine, proper drug monitoring and check-ins are crucial for your pet.

Consult Your Veterinarian:

Veterinarians have your best interest at heart, and their primary concern is giving the best care for all of their clients. Putting your trust in an online source that you haven’t developed a relationship with does not give you the same benefits and care that your primary vet does.

While pet health care cost can be a concern for any pet owner, it should not drive you to take drastic measures that put your pet in jeopardy. If you are concerned about the cost of your pet's prescriptions, ask your veterinarian for more cost-efficient treatments or alternative solutions.

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