Fascinating Facts About Chickens

From Silkies to Bantams, chickens are eggcellent pets. They’re bright, goofy, social animals, and of course, they lay eggs! What more could you ask for in a feathered friend? We love caring for birds of all sorts, but especially chickens!

1. Chickens Outnumber People

There are over seven billion humans on Earth, but there are even more chickens. For every person roaming our planet, there are three chickens, totaling around 23 billion. Not only are there more chickens than people, but there are more chickens than any other bird species. If you added up every chicken’s weight and ALL other bird species’ weight, chickens would topple the scale. Now that’s a lot of clucking.

2. Chickens Have Been Part of the Human Experience for Quite Some Time

It’s difficult to imagine wild chickens, but a long, long time ago, they roamed freely. Chickens were domesticated between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago. More fascinating is that chickens were not a primary food source for much of that time. Archeologists believe that it was only 2,200 years ago that chickens became a popular meal for humans. Before that, they were used for entertainment and rituals.

3. Chickens Can Live Longer Than Most People Realize

When well-cared for and protected from predators, chickens can live between 10 and 12 years. To ensure your chickens live their best lives, they’ll need regular vet visits. We love chickens and are happy to be a part of keeping them happy and healthy.

4. What Do a Chicken, Ostrich, and T-Rex Have in Common?

They’re all related! While you may not see this unusual group gathering around a grill for a family reunion, chickens and ostriches are the closest living relatives of the T-Rex. In 2003, two scientists named Jack Horner and Mary Schweitzer discovered collagen in a T-Rex femur. When they tested the material, they found that its genetic make-up was most similar to these two very different modern birds.

5. Chicks Can Recognize Their Mother’s Voice at Birth

Have you ever wondered how a mother hen can tell her chickens apart from the rest? There’s a good chance that the chicks are doing all the work. Before hatching, chicks can hear their mother’s clucks and coos, and by the time they break through their shells, they have memorized that voice. Recognizing their momma helps chicks stay close and safe, playing a significant role in surviving chick-hood.

6. Chickens Can See More Colors Than Humans

Unlike many other animals, chickens can see the full red, blue, and green wavelengths that human eyes can. But what is even more impressive is they can also see ultraviolet wavelengths, which we cannot. This neat superpower allows them to experience life in chicken-HD.

If you have chickens ready for their annual exams, we are happy to provide your feathered friends with eggcellent care. Just give us a call!

Photo Credit: Souvik Pradhan / Pexels

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