No Party Fowls: How and Why You Should Respect Chickens

Chickens are nothing to bock at. Seriously - these creatures are remarkable! Chickens have more fascinating lives than you may realize. For example, they can recognize over 100 faces of humans and other animals. Chickens are also the closest living relative to the T-Rex… talk about an interesting family reunion.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating International Respect for Chickens Month by learning more about the lives of these domesticated birds.

Why Do Chickens Deserve Our Respect?

It’s easy to overlook how neat chickens can be. These feathered friends live pretty interesting lives and have a few secrets that many people find fascinating. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Did you know that chickens may have more cognitive function than many of our pets? Chickens even possess object permanence and have relatively advanced problem-solving skills.

  2. These unique feathered fowl have social hierarchies and communicate with up to twenty-four different vocalizations. Recent studies demonstrate that hens are empathetic to their chicks’ distress and many perform mourning rituals when a member of their flock passes away.

  3. There’s no denying that chickens are amazing. These neat birds even dream… with one eye open! That’s right. Chickens have a mechanism that allows half of their brain to sleep while the other half remains alert.

  4. What’s that chicken’s name? Chickens can learn to recognize and respond to their own names. They can even learn the names of their flockmates over time.

  5. Knock-knock. Who’s there? Your chick! Mother hens and their chicks can communicate through the shell of their eggs before the chicks hatch. Once the chicks are born, they already know their mother’s voice and respond to it. This helps keep them safe.

What Can You Do to Observe International Respect for Chickens Month?

If you want to join in and show chickens some much-needed respect, try:

  1. Adopting Rescued Chickens
    Caring for chickens in your backyard can give you and your family first-hand experience with how friendly and complex chickens can be. This changes how you think about domestic fowl while providing an animal in need of a better life.

    Many local rescues, including The Chicken Run Rescue, have chickens in need of caring homes. They are often rescued from neglect, abuse, found as strays, or left behind when families move away.
    Ready to have your own hens? Check out the regulations in your area for keeping a coop before you adopt your first feathered friends. You may need to submit an application, like the Lake Elmo residential chicken permit.

  2. Sharing a Chicken Fact with the Hashtag
    Educate others about the amazing virtues chickens have and the harsh reality they experience. We often fall into the “we don’t know what we don’t know” space, which can be easily remedied with a little time, education, and awareness.

We Respect Creatures, Large and Small

We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating International Respect for Chickens Months by researching where your chicken comes from and spreading the word about the remarkable potential chickens possess. 

If your feathery, furry, or scaly friend is in need of veterinary care, we hope you’ll choose Cedar Pet Clinic. We’re here for you and your pets.

Image credit: Pixabay

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