Start Your Fall Off on the Right “Paw” with Our Top Safety Tips

We love this time of year in Lake Elmo. As the leaves redden then fall, the air cools, and we finally get a break from the heat, we fall in love with this beautiful city we call “home.” And we’re not the only ones--It seems like everyone, including our pets, just breathes a little easier in autumn.

And while we want you to make the most of this season before the snow arrives, we also want to help keep you, your beloved pet, and our community safe from the dangers that emerge this time of year.

So, unpack those sweaters, leash up your pup, and enjoy the cool weather. Breathe easy by avoiding these fall dangers:

1. Fungi Aren’t Fun for Pets

The mushrooms seem to pop up out of nowhere in fall. While they can make the landscape picturesque, they have the potential to make your dog or cat extremely sick as well. It’s true that most mushrooms are harmless, but the wrong ones can be deadly. It’s best to avoid them on your walks and always supervise your pet when they’re in an area where mushrooms may grow.

 2. Don’t Let Your Dog Feast on Fallen Fruit

If your dog or cat likes to forage for fruit, you want to try to break this habit. While a nibble of an apple or a carrot every now and then can make an excellent treat, gorging on fruit from the ground can make your dog or cat sick.

3. Watch Out for the Back to School Blues

Does your cat or dog seem glued to the window, waiting for their little humans to return home from school? This time of year pets are still adjusting to the change in schedule. Be sure you keep your pet mentally stimulated to break up the boredom.

Dogs and cats often become more sedentary in autumn as well. Between dusk creeping earlier and the kids having homework, keep your dog or cat active with scheduled playtime. Set some time aside each evening to keep your cat rolling, tumbling, and purring. Enjoy the wonderful weather by taking your dog on an evening stroll.

And of course, don’t let your dog eat the kids’ homework… or any other school supplies. 

Some supplies that can be dangerous for dogs:

  • Glue
  • Glue sticks
  • Pencils 
  • Pens
  • Yarn
  • Paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Snack bags (which can cause suffocation) 

4. Beware of Antifreeze and De-icer

As you winterize your car, properly dispose of antifreeze and de-icer containers or store them sealed and out of reach of your pet. The ethylene glycol in antifreeze attracts curious kitties and hungry hounds. It smells and tastes sweet but can easily cause kidney failure.

Clean up any antifreeze spills or drips. It just takes one teaspoon to get a cat or dog very sick.

5. Halloween Candy is a No-No

From chocolate to xylitol, Halloween candy can be poisonous if it gets into the wrong paws. Make sure you don’t leave that candy bowl within paw’s reach and remind your kids how dangerous it can be to share with the pets.

6. Don’t Let Pests Play a Trick on Your Pet

Remember to check your dog for ticks after walks. Ticks like to hide in between toes, in the armpits, and under the ears.

Jumping into piles of raked leaves may be a blast, but these piles can harbor pests like fleas and ticks. They can also make a cozy spot for mice and rats to stay warm. They could also carry fleas, ticks, or even the bacteria causing leptospirosis.

Have a Safe Fall from Us Here at Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo!

After you’re done sipping the latest pumpkin spice creation, enjoy some fresh air as you rake, bag, and dispose of the leaves. Bring that extra Halloween candy into work to share, watch for wild mushrooms, and keep that antifreeze locked up tight. Prevention is always easier, safer, and less stressful than reacting to an emergency.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, active fall. We at Cedar Pet Clinic are here if you have any questions or if you need to record your dog’s pre-Thanksgiving weight!

Image credit: Elena Rogulina / Pixabay

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