Safety Tips to Keep You From Getting Caught Off Guard While Fishing With Your Dog

Are you hooked on fishing? If so, it’s easy to understand why. There are so many amazing spots to relax and enjoy fishing here in Lake Elmo. We know many of our clients want to share in the excitement with their dogs by bringing them shoreside or on the boat. To make sure your fishing trip is fun and carefree, we want to share some ways to keep your pup safe while on your fishing adventure.

Your dog will surely love your fishing trip, but there are some things to keep in mind:

1. Be Mindful of Where Your Dog is and What Your Dog is Doing

It can be difficult to keep your eye on your dog while you’re casting, reeling your line in, while watching your bobber, or fighting a fish. But being aware of where your dog is at all times while you fish can help you avoid accidents.
Keeping an eye on your dog will also keep her from wandering off and possibly getting lost.

2. If You’re Fishing from a Boat, Your Dog Will Need a Life Vest

As we mentioned, not all dogs naturally know how to swim. Even dogs that can swim can also end up in trouble. Dogs that slip or fall off a dog can become disoriented and not immediately begin paddling. Make sure you prevent your dog from risking her life by using a properly fitted life vest at all times on the boat. We recommend West Marine in Bayport for k9 life vests.

3. Shade, Shade, Shade

Whether fishing from the shore, hiking back to a secret fishing hole, or fishing from a boat, your dog will need a place to lie down in the shade. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re fishing, and time in the sun quickly adds up.

If you are worried about your dog getting sunburned, you can use a pet safe zinc-free sunblock on her nose and thin areas of fur. Also, find a shady spot and place a bed, blanket, or towel down, so she has a cool place to relax and watch you reel in the next ‘big one.’

4. Bring Plenty of Fresh Water

Completely preventing your dog from drinking lake water can be difficult, but bringing along fresh water can encourage her to not drink as much lake water or standing water. This can prevent dehydration, upset stomach, and ingesting harmful bacteria, such as blue-green algae which can be toxic to dogs.

5. Keep Hooks Out of Paw’s Reach

Don’t let your dog get hooked. From paw injuries to accidentally swallowing a hook, your dog can face serious cuts or injury that can result in blinding, surgery, or worse.

Hook Safety:

  • Bait smells scrumptious to your dog. Don’t let her make your bait into a buffet.
  • Shiny lures can look like toys to a naturally curious dog.
  • Put all hooks that aren’t being used away in a tackle box out of reach of your dog.
  • Be careful when casting to not snag your dog.

If your dog does accidentally get hooked in the paw, do not let your dog try to remove the hook or put weight on the paw. This could lead to further damage or swallowing the hook. If your dog gets a hook embedded in her paw or elsewhere, bring her in immediately or bring her to an emergency vet after hours. Do not try to remove the hook yourself.

If you are experiencing an emergency during the day, call us at 651-770-3250. If it is after close, we recommend Como Park Animal Hospital or the Animal Emergency and referral center.

Fishing with your furry best friend can be a blast! You and your dog can enjoy some fresh air, the thrill of landing a fish, and she’s guaranteed to sleep well once you arrive home.

Make a splash while keeping your dog safe this summer. Get ready to share some fish tales that include your furry friend, and enjoy your fishing trip.

Photo Credit: Svetlana123 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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