Keeping Your Pet Safe While Ringing in 2017!

New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a fun way to socialize with friends and family. After all, it’s the only time of year you can blow streamers and throw confetti without having to explain yourself. As a pet owner, it’s important to take extra precautions as you bid farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017. It can be easy for your dog or cat to slip out the door in all the excitement or to feel overly anxious because of it. We recommend making sure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date before New Year’s Eve.

A Word About Fireworks
Even if you don’t make a habit of lighting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, your neighbors might. The loud and sudden noise of fireworks can make both dogs and cats feel extremely fearful. While you can’t stop anyone from lighting off fireworks, you can make the experience less stressful for your pet. If you’re leaving for the evening and know fireworks will go off in your neighborhood, make sure your pet has food, water, and her favorite bedding or toy available. Cats need a clean litterbox.

Having your pet stay in a quiet room familiar to him can reduce anxiety in your absence. You may also want to consider this if the celebration is at your house. Just make sure your dog or cat knows you’re there and offer him frequent comfort if he appears nervous or frightened.

Keep Alcohol and People Food Out of Your Pet’s Reach
Any drink containing alcohol could potentially be toxic for your pet. To avoid a sudden illness or even death in severe cases, don’t let her near anyone’s beverages. Since she is likely to be curious, instruct party guests to watch their drinks when they set them down. This is another reason that keeping your pet in a safe, quiet room is a good idea. You shouldn’t allow anyone to feed your dog or cat from their plate, but you can give your pet a treat of her own before things get underway.

Decorations Are Easy to Choke On
Streamers, confetti, cardboard hats, and other typical New Year’s Eve decorations all present a significant choking hazard for dogs and cats. As with alcohol and people food, be certain you keep these things out of their reach. While it might make a cute picture to put a party hat on your pet, he’s likely to chew on the string or the hat itself. Resist the urge and instruct others to do the same.

Emergency Help Over the New Year’s Holiday
You may contact Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo during regular business hours at 651-770-3250. The following emergency veterinary services are available evenings, weekends, and holidays:

• After Hours Veterinary Care, St. Paul: 651-487-1941
• Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN, Oakdale: 651-501-3766
• Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN. St. Paul: 651-293-1800

We have enjoyed the opportunity to care for your pets in 2016 and look forward to working with your family in 2017.


Image credit:  Azaliya | Getty Images

After-Hours Emergencies

After Hours Veterinary Care
1014 Dale Street North
St. Paul, MN 55117
(Inside Como Park Animal Hospital just north of downtown St. Paul)
24-hour care for multiple species

Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1163 Helmo Avenue N
Oakdale, MN 55128


Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1542 7th St. W.
St. Paul, MN 55012
(located 2 blocks east of 35E)